Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who is there?

 I grew up in a lot of older houses and so became used to hearing noises and voices, especially because so many were haunted. The house I live in now though is a newer house, built in the early 1970's. We are only the second owners of our house. We have lived here relatively quietly for 13 years.
Recently though, we have been having visitors.
For the past several years I had been "seeing" things in my peripheral vision a few times a year, but did wonder if sometimes if  it was one of my cats, but recently things have been changing.
About a year ago I had just gotten out of the shower, I was rushing because I had a meeting to go to. My mind was on the subject of the meeting when I heard someone call out, rather loudly, "Hello!".
I stood still and grabbed my towel. My mind racing through what I like to call my rolodex of possibilities. Who could that be?
Again I heard "Hello" being called out and closer and recognized that it was a male voice.
Oh my gosh I thought, they are coming up the stairs?
Had I called someone to do some work and forgot?
I grabbed my robe and quickly wrapped it around me and slowly ventured out of my bathroom into my bedroom and to my bedroom door. The house was quiet, 2 of my cats were asleep on my bed.
I called out "Hello?, Who is there?"
Silence. The hair on the back of my wet neck stood up.
I ventured down the hallway to the stairs, "Hello?" I called out again and then listened. Nothing.
Feeling braver I slowly went downstairs and saw that my 3rd cat was sound asleep in her favorite box.
That told me a lot as she is very social and if someone had come in she would have greeted them and then meowed for me.
I made sure the doors were locked, looked out into our backyard and satisfied that I was alone went back
When I went into my bedroom I did not feel like I was alone. I spoke to whomever was there and asked them to identify themselves or at least call out again, but nothing else happened.
I have to admit that I was a little spooked.
I think it was quite possibly my Father in Law who had died recently. I welcomed him and then continued on with my day.
This was to be the first of these types of contact.

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  1. They seem to visit me when i am in the shower too!
    Very keen to see how this pans out for you. :)