Thursday, January 27, 2011

UFO Over My House on 9/11 first Anniversary

This is something that has haunted me since it happened.

On the one year anniversary of 9/11 a lot was happening in the NYC area . My house is on the direct path that the planes took that awful morning.
For weeks following the attack the skies were quiet overhead and then the planes gradually  returned.
If you live where I do you are used to the planes and generally know what it sounds like and looks like when planes fly overhead. This includes helicopters and the Coast Guard and sometimes the Papparazzi (especially when Angelina Joli and Brad Patt moved in close by, those guys were literally hanging out of the copter!).

On the one year anniversary it was a very somber and quiet day. We had been warned that military jets would be flying close to the city, especially that night when they had the two beams of light illuminated from ground zero.

Again, I have seen a military jet and have seen it fly over the area.

That night, for some reason, I felt compelled to go outside and see if I could see any of the military jets.
I walked outside and looked up and saw a very large triangular shaped "jet" over my house. I remember being fascinated by the colored lights that were flashing against its black finish and the fact that it just hovered over my house and didn't make a sound. Wow, how neat. The next thing I remember was sitting in my family room with the rest of my family.

The next day I remember mentioning to someone that  I had seen a military jet over our house. That was how I said it. Looking back I'm sure people assumed I meant, flying over our house.

For years this memory kept playing in my head until recently. One day I asked my family if they remember any of this. Did they remember me going out, or telling them about it?
The answer I got back from all of them was "no". In fact my daughter's commented that I always share what I see and so I would have definitely told them to come outside and see this.

I mean this jet was hovering over my house for quite some time! I don't remember it flying off either and it was HUGE!  It was black with red and white lights flashing on the underneath. Its shape was triangular. As it hovered it slowly rotated, I remember thinking "I wonder if they are looking at me?"

Anyone else have a memory/experience like this?


  1. Wow, Vicki. When did the memory of this surface??

  2. About a year ago the memory came flooding back after I saw a silver "something " blink out in front of me, during the day on the way home.
    I have to drive along a causeway to where I live and I saw this strange bright silver light up in the sky over the water. I slowed down and then it blinked out and all I could see was blue sky.
    I was floored.
    That is when this memory came back strongly and I mentioned it to my family.
    It was so weird.
    I have wondered if others saw this too.

  3. So something else triggered the memory. Intriguing!