Monday, February 28, 2011

Why am I thinking of you?

Over the past few weeks I have reconnected via Facebook with old High School friends. These are the friends I actually did things with, ate lunch with but over the years had lost touch with. It has been fun.
About 10 days ago I began wondering where an old girl friend of mine was. I haven't seen her since High School and actually kept wondering why I was thinking of her in particular. The girls I was really close with I have remained friends with over these years or reconnected with many years ago. I just thought it was all of the nostalgia from finding so many classmates after all of these years.

As the week went on many of us decided to get together before the actual reunion and now it sounds like so much fun. We have all reached a point in our lives where that comfort level seems to have returned. Every day I would try to search for this missing friend though, via Facebook, no luck.

2 Days ago a newly found friend posted on his page that we all had a classmate who had been affected by the earthquake in New Zealand. I asked him who it was and lo and behold it was the friend I had been thinking about so much. She is fine and so is her son who was right there when it happened. It seems she now lives in New Zealand! I wasn't that surprised that she would be there but was surprised that somehow I was picking up on her.

It is interesting to me whom I will pick up on but this one really surprised me. My family wasn't surprised but did agree it was a bit strange when I pointed out that I have had no communication with this girl in 35 years!
Life is funny.


  1. These facebook connections are often synchros!

  2. Vicki - just want to let you know we put up a mirror sight of the blog on word press.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that debra is closing her blog for awhile. She's too ill to do it. Send her suns, light.... She posted earlier.

  4. Vicki - send me your snail mail address so we can send you a book!

    - Trish

  5. OK,Vicki.Next post, please???

  6. new entry, Vicki. Please. It's been way too long. Love your psychic input on things.

  7. Thanks for your contributions on the quebec encounters. Your input means a lot!