Monday, November 15, 2010


Every once in awhile the subject of orbs seems to come up in sites that I check out.
After reading about such a thing at the site Synchronicity, I happened to watch a TV show
about orbs!
I have seen orbs that look like dust, are very bright and some that have faces in them. This
is just what I have seen.
In the show I watched they commented that more and more people are not only seeing bright
orbs but orange orbs. I have never seen colored orbs myself.
The thing is that now people are reporting a lot of feelings of fear when they see these.
That concerns me.
Also, people have commented that the orbs seem to follow them. 
Could this be a new "race" of orbs or have they changed?
They also seem to be quite blatant with their contact.
The investigators on this show went to a sacred site in AZ and found pictures/drawings of
orbs in the petroglyphs!
The native American would call "Katchinas" the teachers from the sky.
I am curious to hear others opinions or experiences.


  1. Hi Vicki :-) Interesting post. It made me think about something that happened about 6-7 years ago when my son was 2-3 years old. My son was afraid of other children at that time - some of the big kids had pushed him a couple of times in our yard, so for a while he didn't want any contact with other kids. Instead, he became friends with no less than three imaginary friends. They were all mummies with different roles and functions. At that time, I was reading two books: 'Journey of Souls' and 'Destiny of Souls' written by a hypnotherapist named Michael Newton. He's hypnotized a lot of his clients back to the soul life we have in between incarnations. In his books, he mentions the maturity of our soul and how it's reflected by the colour we emmit in the spirit world. OK, back to my son and his imaginary friends. He and I were sitting playing in the living room. Then I asked him what his mummy friends looked like. I was expecting a story about bandages but surprisingly he told me they were small floating orbs! Made me think 'spirits' instead of 'mummies'. Then my son described the orbs as orange, blue and white respectively. Now, that was really interesting, especially as I had just been reading about soul colours. What made it even more interesting was that colours of each orb matched the maturity of each mummy. The old, wise mummy was a blue orb, which is the colour of a very mature soul. The orange was the colour of a mature soul but not as mature as a blue. The white orb was a charming, but terribly naive and slightly dumb mummy and white happens to be the colour of an immature soul, so it all fitted the theory about soul colours very well. Of course, it could have been a coincidence but maybe the colour of an orb really does reflect the spirit's level of maturity and maybe only some are able to see that colour...?


  2. Wow, Clarity that was really informative thank you!
    When my oldest daughter was young she also saw what she called "glass balls" that would float into her room at night.
    She had at first talked about how angels visited her and when I asked about that she went into a long description of how they came in and looked at first. I never expected to hear that glass balls floated into her room.
    I don't recall her mentioning colors, I will ask her although she is 21 now!

  3. Wow, Clarity and Vicki, this is intriguing. We've got something on orbs in the new book. Could we include your discussion?? I like this connection with spirit.

  4. Trish and Rob,
    Absolutely you can include this discussion!

  5. I've only experienced seeing orbs 3 times in my life. They were all white and for all I know could have been the same entity within the orb. I'm just glad people are talking about this. I have a picture from a family gathering filled with orbs. The evening we took this family photo each person had a different camera, and everyone had orbs in the same places. It was wonderful to see them on the photos. Thanks for this post.

  6. My little four year old sees blue balls at night in his room too. :)

  7. Happy holidays to you and yours, Vicki! Thank you for contributing such wonderful insights on our blog!